For additional resources, visit and look for these books by Dr. Ross Greene:  The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost and Found, and Raising Human Beings.


Instructional video series


Filmmakers Laurie Simons M.A. and Terry Sterrenberg M.S.W. are also counselors with a passion for helping people get along in families and at school.  Laurie has completed provider certification training in the CPS model and Terry specializes in couples counseling.  For more information about the filmmakers and their other productions click HERE.

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The Transforming Discipline Video Series contains 6 short

training videos on the following topics:

  1. Overview of the CPS Model
  2. Setting Expectations
  3. Assessment of Lagging Skills & Unsolved Problems (ALSUP)
  4. The Three Plans (A, B & C)
  5. The Three Steps of Plan B
  6. Implementation in Schools

Schools can get unlimited access to streaming all six videos 

for three days ($24.99), or download-to-own for more

permanent access ($99.00).

Each video is intended to stimulate discussion and deepen understanding of how the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions

model (CPS) can be used in an elementary school setting.

Please note:  Transforming Discipline is no longer

available in DVD Format.